Homemade Fondant From Scratch – With Natural Food Dyes

This homemade fondant from scratch is made with 4 ingredients: powdered sugar, powdered glucose, gelatin and water!

Homemade Fondant From Scratch - With Natural Food Dyes

You don’t need to buy fondant for your next cake – fondant is so easy to make at home! And if you want you can naturally dye the fondant blue and pink with butterfly pea flower tea and beetroot.

Homemade Fondant From Scratch - Pink And Blue Fondant - With Natural Food Coloring




Homemade Fondant From Scratch


Homemade Fondant

  • 1200g powdered sugar
  • 100g powdered glucose
  • 5 gelatin leaves
  • 70ml water

Naturally Blue Fondant

  • 1 bag butterfly pea flower tea
  • boiling water

Naturally Pink Fondant

  • 1 beetroot


Homemade Fondant From Scratch - Roll Out The Fondant
Angel food cupakes & naturally pink fondant



Homemade Fondant

Soak gelatin leaves for 5 minutes in cold water. Squeeze out excess water.

Combine gelatin leaves, powdered glucose and water in a saucepan. Warm it over low heat until dissolved.

Stir 800g powdered sugar into the gelatin mixture. Beat the homemade fondant with an electric mixer until combined. Then knead in the remaining powdered sugar by hand.

Store the homemade fondant in an airtight container in the fridge.

Naturally Blue Fondant

Pour boiling water over the butterfly pea flower tea, a small amount until it’s just covered. Let the blue tea steep for 5 minutes.

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Drop by drop, add the ink blue liquid to the fondant until you like the color.

Homemade Fondant From Scratch - With Natural Food Dyes

Naturally Pink Fondant

Peel the beetroot. Then grate the raw beetroot and puree in a blender. Strain the beetroot puree through a sieve to extract the pink juice.

Add the beetroot juice to the fondant, drop by drop, until you like the color.

How To Cover A Cake With Fondant

Roll out the homemade fondant on powdered sugar to 1/8 inch thick.

Drape the fondant over the cake or cupcakes. Cut away the excess fondant with a sharp knife or scissors.


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Homemade Fondant From Scratch - With Natural Food Dyes - Homemade Sugar Paste

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  1. Easy to follow fondant recipe and I love that you’ve used natural dyes Lina.
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