Edwardian Skirt Paper Mockup

Paper Skirt Mockup

Making a paper mockup is a great way to test a new pattern. I made small corset paper mockups before; but while drafting a new Edwardian skirt pattern, I thought why not use that pattern to test the shape.

Skirt flounce slash and spread method
Making a flounce with the slash and spread method

So I used adhesive tape to temporarily glue together the top part of the skirt and the flounce.

Edwardian Skirt Paper Mockup

The first flounce I made was too wide, so I reduced the width at the bottom: Now it’s much better.

The pattern is for an early Edwardian black wool serge skirt. I’d planned to finish the shirtwaist costume with a black wool skirt and white cotton batiste blouse for the HSM challenge in April, but had no time for sewing then. But I still plan to sew the skirt – I hope I can finish the skirt before Christmas. 😀

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