Edwardian Rice Face Powder Recipe

Edwardian Rice Face Powder Recipe

Today I made my own translucent face powder with rice flour. Edwardian women and women of the 1920s often powdered their face with rice powder (1910s Poudre de Riz Face Powder Box).

For this rice face powder you can use store-bought or homemade rice flour. Here you’ll find my tutorial how to make your own rice flour.

Rice Face Powder Recipe

You’ll need:

  • rice flour
  • a piece of open-weave muslin (I used a leftover piece of fabric from my Victorian sheer day dress)
  • drinking glass and glass bowl (or something similar)
  • rubber band

Put the rice flour into the glass, and fix the piece of muslin with the rubber band. Sift the rice flour through the muslin. The sifted rice flour is much finer.

edwardian rice face powder pink powder puff

I also made a vintage pink satin and lace powder puff – here you’ll find my tutorial for the powder puff. And here you’ll find more Victorian and Edwardian face powder and makeup recipes.

4 thoughts on “Edwardian Rice Face Powder Recipe

  1. How interesting. Does it feel smooth on the skin? I imagine it would. Is it properly translucent or just best for very pale skins? Sorry, so many questions!

    1. Yes, it feels smooth on the skin. Untinted wheat starch face powder is just for very fair skin but rice face powder is translucent. But if you want, you can also tint the face powder with cinnamon or cocoa powder.

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