Edwardian Hat

Edwardian Hat

‘With the summer gown the summer hat will appear […] And one of these is a piazza hat for nice wear, yet so simple that any one might imitate it.

The whole trimming consists of a veil or scarf, bordered with lace and rather longer than wide. This is laid around the hat in a swirl and is shaped with the fingers until there are many folds.’ (San Francisco Call, 1903)

For my Edwardian hat, I draped white chiffon over a foundation of white cotton fabric and sewed it down by hand.

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Then I trimmed the hat with two large white ostrich plumes, a white satin bow and a pink paper roses.

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An Edwardian hat like was worn in the Edwardian era for summer garden parties or other dressy occasions.

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My Edwardian hat is inspired by the following antique Edwardian hats: hat with plumes and roses (photograph), 1910s hat with plumes and flower at the MET museum, 1908-10 hat with draped net or chiffon and roses also at the MET, 1907 garden party hat with large roses (photograph), and this 1906 painting of a straw and tulle hat with roses.

By the way, my Edwardian hat is actually just a slip-on cover for my 18th century hand-braided straw hat! That way I don’t have to store two hats. 😉

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