Edwardian Dressing Gown

edwardian peignoir

My Edwardian dressing gown.

1900s Dressing Gown

The dressing gown is inspired by the pretty lace peignoirs of the Edwardian era.

edwardian hair braid silk ribbon

I used off-white striped cotton sateen fabric, cotton lace and some scraps of the pink fabric for the facings and ties.

Edwardian Dressing Gown

The waist is slightly raised which is usual for the late Edwardian era.

1900s peignoir

Here’s a lace peignoir with V-neckline, a dressing gown with pink ribbon tie, another less lacy peignoir with V-neckline and pink ribbon, a dressing gown with 3/4-sleeves and a very pretty lace peignoir.

Victorian And Edwardian Hair Care - Night-Time Hair Routine

I’ve braided my hair as recommended in the Edwardian Night-Time Hair Routine of my Victorian And Edwardian Hair Care series. The hair is tied with a 100% silk ribbon.

edwardian nightgown

Under the peignoir I’m wearing my Edwardian nightgown.

edwardian kimono nightgown

The dressing gown is closed with ties, and a button and loop.

edwardian robe

The peignoir is quite long, it sweeps the floor. 😉

braid hair waves

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  1. I need this type of dressing gown but I do not sew myself. Is there a way to get this type of dressing gown?

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