Edible Moss Or Grass With Natural Green Food Coloring

Edible Moss Or Grass With Natural Green Food Coloring

Edible moss or grass is easy to make at home. Usually, edible moss is colored with artificial food coloring but here I’ll show you how you can easily make edible moss or grass with homemade natural green food coloring. Below you’ll find edible grass and moss that is naturally colored with kale, sunflower seeds, green peas and spinach.

Naturally Green Edible Grass – Cake Crumbs Colored With Kale

Crumble kale cupcakes between your fingers.

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Meadow Cupcakes With Natural Food Coloring
Meadow cupcakes with naturally green kale icing and naturally pink beetroot icing

Edible Grass – Icing Naturally Colored With Kale

  • 6 tbsp powdered sugar
  • 2 – 3 tsp kale puree (2 curly kale leaves)

Kale Puree: Remove the stalks, use just the leafy parts of the kale. Boil the kale with some water for 5 minutes, drain and refresh with cold water. Using a stick blender, puree the kale until smooth.

Naturally Green Icing: Stir together powdered sugar and kale puree.

Edible Moss With Natural Green Food Coloring

Dark Green Edible Moss – Cake Crumbs Naturally Colored With Sunflower Seeds

Crumble the naturally green sunflower seed cake between your fingers.

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Edible Moss With Natural Food Coloring

Naturally Green Edible Moss – Cake Crumbs Colored With Sunflower Seeds & Green Peas

Knead together 1 part dark green sunflower seed cake crumbs and 2 parts light green pea cake crumbs until the edible moss is evenly colored.

How To Make Naturally Colored Moss Or Grass For Cupcakes

Olive Green Edible Moss – Cake Crumbs Colored With Spinach

  • light colored stale cake or cupcakes
  • fresh spinach leaves

Preheat the oven to 160°C/ 320°F. Using a blender, puree spinach until smooth. Crumble the light colored cake or cupcakes between your fingers. Color the cake crumbs with spinach puree and dry the green crumbs for some minutes in the oven.

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Naturally Colored Green Sugar Sprinkles

Naturally Green Edible Grass – Sugar Sprinkles Colored With Spinach

  • fresh spinach
  • granulated sugar

Using a blender, puree spinach until smooth. Color the sugar with some spinach puree. Add more spinach puree for dark green and less spinach puree for bright green.

Even dark green spinach sugar doesn’t taste of spinach, it just tastes fresh.

Let the naturally green sugar sprinkles dry for some days at room temperature. Crush the sugar with the back of a spoon from time to time. Don’t use the oven to dry the sugar sprinkles because natural food coloring is heat-sensitive.

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  1. Lots of ways to achieve the color “green”. Kale, green peas and spinach are obvious choices but sunflower seeds still seem to be more “blue”. Thanks for coming to the party and sharing with Fiesta Friday #244.

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