Dried Orange Slices (Oven Or Dehydrator)

How to make dried orange slices in the oven or dehydrator as natural Christmas ornaments.

Dried Orange Slices

Oranges have a long tradition as Christmas tree ornaments. Since medieval times, oranges were used to decorate the Christmas tree. And in the Victorian era, oranges were still popular as Christmas tree decorations.

The Christmas tree was decorated with ‘strings of pop-corn, gilded nuts and apples, and bright yellow oranges’ (Demorest’s Family Magazine, 1891).

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Dried orange slices are easy to make at home: You can either dry orange slices in the oven or dehydrator. I tried both and both works! I’ll show you both techniques: How to dry orange slices in the oven or dehydrator.

If you’re wondering how dried orange slices taste: Dried orange slices are hard and sour. So better use dried orange slices only as natural Christmas ornaments. But if you want orange slices as cake decorations, it’s better to candy them.

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Dried Orange Slices Natural Christmas Tree Ornaments
Dried orange slices & DIY tin tinsel made from a tin can!

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Dried Orange Slices

You’ll Need:

  • oranges
  • knife
  • oven or dehydrator

Slice Oranges

Wash and dry the oranges. Then cut them into 1/4″ (5mm) thick slices.

Dry Oranges In Oven

Place the orange slices on oven racks. Dry orange slices for about 6 hours at 175°F (80°C). Then remove the dried orange slice from the oven.

Dry Oranges In Dehydrator

Arrange the orange slices on dehydrator trays. Dehydrate the orange slices for 12 hours at 160°F (70°C). You can also dry other fruit slices in the dehydrator, such as lemon, kiwi or quinces.

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Orange Christmas Ornaments

Store the orange slices in airtight glass jars until Christmas. At Christmas time, add ribbons and use the dried orange slices to decorate your Christmas tree.

‘There was the Christmas tree! O mother! you never saw any thing so lovely! There were dozens of little candles upon it all alight. And it was covered with pretty things, gilded walnuts, and oranges, and apples, and sweets.’ (Philips’ Series Of Reading Books For Public Elementary Schools, 1874)

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How To Make Dried Orange Slices In Oven & Dehydrator

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