DIY Valentine Paper Flowers

valentine paper flower carnation tutorial

Make a beautiful Valentine’s Day bouquet with these easy paper flowers.

You’ll need:

  • pink paper
  • pink marker pen or watercolors
  • green yarn or crepe paper
  • wire
  • needle
  • scissor

valentine paper flower carnation tutorial

Cut 10 circles out of pink paper. Color the edge of the paper circles with a pink marker pen or watercolors. With a needle, poke two holes into the middle of the 10 paper circles. Thread wire through the holes to make the stem. Now crumble the base of each paper layer between your fingers. Then wrap green yarn (or crepe paper) around the wire stem. Secure the yarn with a knot.

paper carnation
Pink paper flowers
pink paper flower rose yarn wrapped ovary
Yarn wrapped ovary

diy pink mint green paper flowers

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