DIY Upsized/ Refashioned Skirt

DIY Upsized/ Refashioned Skirt

This skirt became too small, but I liked the color and fabric so I decided to upsize and refashion it.

skirt add fabric strips

Originally, the skirt was plain apricot-colored without the rose-colored fabric strips. As the skirt fabric is such an unusual fabric – with some metal content, lightweight but stiff, rustly, with a kind of ‘matte sheen’ – I searched long for a matching fabric and thought I’d find none. 😉 But then I detected that I already had the perfect fabric: some leftovers from my 1920s raincoat. I hadn’t much left from the raincoat and cloche hat, so I’d to piece the scraps together a bit. I’ve added the fabric strips along the curved side seams and at the hip part of the skirt. To upsize the underskirt I’ve used scraps of orange-colored taffeta lining fabric.

refashion apricot rose colored skirt

Now I even like the skirt better than before! 😀

DIY refashion polo shirt

I’ve also refashioned the pink cotton polo shirt and made a v-neck.

jasmine plant in bloom

And this picture just because our jasmine plant is in bloom at the moment and smells wonderful! 🙂

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