DIY Soap Dish With Twigs – Tutorial

DIY Soap Dish With Twigs - Tutorial

Today I made a DIY soap dish with apple tree twigs! It’s such an easy and fast DIY project. I saw similar twig soap dishes sold online, and thought I could make that myself. 😉 So here’s my short tutorial if you want to make your own natural twig soap dish.

The soap dish just needs two materials. And because the materials are all natural, the soap dish is compostable if you don’t want it any longer.

You’ll need:

  • twigs (I used apple tree twigs – one or two twigs are enough for one soap dish)
  • hemp twine or something similar

peel off bark

Remove the bark from the twigs: When the twigs are fresh, it’s easy to just peel off the bark. Cut the twigs into pieces: two shorter, the other longer.

diy wooden soap dish

Because I used fresh twigs, I let them dry for some days in the shade.

diy twig raft

Tie the longer twigs to one of the short twigs. Wind the twine four times crosswise around each twig pulling it tight.

diy twig raft soap dish underside

The the other short twig to the other side.

DIY Soap Dish With Twigs - Tutorial

And the DIY twig raft soap dish is finished! 🙂

3 thoughts on “DIY Soap Dish With Twigs – Tutorial

  1. What a wonderful idea! I will definitely be trying this. We buy or receive homemade soaps all of the time. Can’t wait to make my very own soap dish for them.

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