DIY Rustic Wooden Heart – Tutorial

DIY Rustic Wooden Heart - Tutorial

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to make a large distressed wood heart! It’s very easy and fun to make! 😀

DIY Distressed Wood Heart - Tutorial

I distressed the wood with wood rasps.

distress wood with wood rasp tutorial

how to make a diy wood heart

Using a handsaw, I sawed the scrap wood roughly into a heart shape.

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diy large wooden heart tutorial instructions

Then I smoothed the edges with wood rasps and sandpaper …

diy weathered distressed wood heart tutorial

… and stained the wood heart with steel wool and vinegar.

DIY Barn Wood Heart - Tutorial

Then I drilled a hole through the rustic wooden heart for the ribbon.

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    1. It’s really easy to use a handsaw. You could begin with green wood – pruning a tree for example – because fresh wood is easier to saw.

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