DIY Rock Tafl Game

DIY Rock Tafl Game

At the moment, we’re often playing tafl games, such as Brandubh, Ard Ri, Tablut and Hnefatafl. Tafl games are a family of Viking strategy board games. Tafl games were played before chess became popular during the Middle Ages. The game looks simple but it’s as interesting as chess.

DIY Rock Stone Brandubh Game Board

Here’s a website with rules of the game Tablut.

DIY Rock Pebble Game Board

I’m thinking about making a Tafl game board out of fabric – here I’ve made a fabric Pachisi board – stone or wood.

DIY Brandubh Game Board

Here I tried to make a Brandubh game board with a dark gray slate.

DIY Slate Game Board Pebbles

I drew the lines with a white, chalk-like river rock.

DIY Outdoor Rock Pebble Game

The game pieces are small, round, black and white pebbles.

diy rock pebble tafl brandubh hnefatafl game board

I tried out different colored pebbles as king piece: a gray, green and reddish pebble.

DIY Hnefatafl Game Board

I think the stone game board looks beautiful, but sadly the slate is a bit too small.

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