DIY Print Full Circle Cotton Lehenga (Skirt)

printed cotton lehenga skirt

My full circle lehenga (skirt) which I sewed and printed myself. I used unbleached cotton fabric (about 3 or 4 meters). I finished the hem and waistband prior to printing, but I left the side seam open to make the printing process easier.

lehenga print close-up

I used silk paints which are also suitable for fabric printing. I wanted a lehenga in mint green and teal colors. I couldn’t find fabric paint in the colors I liked, so I mixed blue, green, cyan, mixing white, and water till I liked the colors. Because the silk paint was too watery, I had also to add thickener. Thickener makes the printed fabric a little stiffer, but it’s a must or the colours would run and the print wouldn’t be clear.

I used Indian wooden block print stamps for the elephant, mango seed (paisley), lotus flower, small circle and floral border.

The large circle and three small borders are printing blocks which I’d carved myself from linoleum. The print isn’t always perfect as it was the first thing I’ve ever printed. But I like the look.

It took some days to print the whole lehenga. And my muscles ached after a while, 🙂 as it’s necessary to print the stamps with some pressure. But I liked the printing very much, it’s very relaxing.

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