DIY Oil Lamp (Diya) And DIY Almond Kohl/ Kajal Makeup

DIY Oil Lamp Kohl/ Kajal Tutorial

I made an oil lamp because I wanted to make DIY kajal makeup.

I bent copper wire to hold the wick which I braided with unbleached cotton yarn. It’s so easy to make an oil lamp and it looks so pretty. It also smells less than a candle and burns with a steady flame. And one can use leftover cooking oil.

-> Tutorial: How to make an easy Tin Can Oil Lamp

DIY Almond Kohl/ Kajal Tutorial

To make kajal, an almond is burned for some minutes. Then the soot, which has gathered in a bowl above the flame, is scraped off with a spoon and mixed with oil or ghee. It’s a really pretty, dark kajal, and it doesn’t smudge more than bought eyeliner pencils.

Here you’ll find my tutorial: How to make Almond Kohl

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