DIY Natural Rose Petal Blush/ Face Powder

DIY Natural Rose Petal Powder Blush

Since I read here that the ‘petals of a geranium or a rose will also slightly colour the cheeks’ I was curious if I could make natural powdered blush with fresh rose petals.

DIY Natural Rose Petal Blush Face Powder

I gathered some pink roses and put the fresh rose petals into a mortar.

DIY Rose Petal Powder Blush

Then I added some starch and ground both together.

DIY Rose Petal Powder Blush

The blush had a beautiful color, and smelled wonderful like fresh roses. However, the blush was still too damp to be used because of the fresh rose petals.

DIY Rose Petal Face Powder

But after some hours of drying the beautiful pink color was gone. But maybe I could still use it as face powder.


Update: I made the rose petal blush again and found a solution how to retain the pretty pink color of the blush. I also made raw rose petal jam with freshly gathered roses.

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