DIY Huarache Sandals With Leather Soles – Tutorial

DIY Huarache Sandals With Leather Soles

I made Huarache sandals again! Yay! Huarache sandals are so comfortable to wear and easy to make. After making Huarache sandals with cork soles and Huarache bathing shoes, I now made Huarache sandals with leather soles. Apart from soaking the leather soles, it just takes some minutes to make DIY huarache sandals. So grab some leather and yarn and make your own huarache sandals with leather soles! 😀

DIY Leather Sandals - Tutorial


DIY Huarache Sandals With Leather Soles – Tutorial

You’ll need:

  • vegetable tanned leather – 1/16 – 1/8″ (2 – 3mm) thick
  • linseed oil
  • cord – such as leather cord or twisted cord made with yarn
  • scissors
  • leather needle
  • awl (or something similar like a knitting needle)


Vegetable tanned leather shoe soles DIY

Cut Out The Soles

Use flip-flops or sandals as pattern for the shoes – I used my DIY Huarache sandals with cork soles as pattern.

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Cut out the leather soles with scissors.

Soak leather soles in linseed oil

Soak Leather Soles In Linseed Oil

Let the leather soles soak overnight in linseed oil. Linseed oil makes the soles more durable.

DIY leather sole treatment linseed oil

Remove excess oil with rags.

Caution: One often reads of the danger of spontaneous combustion of rags soaked in linseed oil. My soaked rags didn’t begin to burn. But to be on the safe side, don’t put the rags into a pile, but let them dry flat or burn them.

DIY Leather Huarache Sandals

DIY Leather Huarache Sandals

Mark three holes for the cord: One between your toes and two at the side of your foot.

pierce leather sole with leather needle

Using a leather needle pierce the holes through the leather sole.

DIY leather sole awl pierce hole

Then make the holes bigger with an awl.

Lace huarache sandal shoe mint green cord

Lacing The DIY Huarache Sandals

Now you can lace your huarache sandals.

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DIY Leather Sandals Tutorial

And your DIY Huarache sandals with leather soles are ready to wear! Wasn’t that quick and easy?

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DIY Huarache Sandals With Leather Soles - Tutorial

Leather huarache sandals are lightweight, comfortable to wear and let you feel the ground – it’s almost like walking barefoot. The leather soles are flexible and more durable than cork soles. Even rocks and gravel roads haven’t damaged the soles yet – the leather soles are still like new.


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How To Make Huarache Leather Sandals - DIY Tutorial

24 thoughts on “DIY Huarache Sandals With Leather Soles – Tutorial

  1. May I ask if you orient the leather with the smooth side down or up when making these? I think from the photos that the smooth side is up, but am not sure. Thank you!

        1. Yes, for aesthetics and because I thought it might be more slippery. But it’s optional: you can also have the smooth side down. 🙂

  2. What weight leather do you recommend for this? And what length would you need for leather cord apx. for the lacing?

    1. I would recommend leather that is between 1/16″ (1.5mm) and 1/8″ (3mm) thick. For the lacing, you need two 30″ (75cm) long leather cords.

  3. hello

    what kind of linseed oil do you use for soaking the leather? cold-pressed linseed oil from the grocery store (or health food store)?

    thank you

    1. I used cold-pressed linseed oil from the health food store. But you could also use cold-pressed linseed oil which is used to make linseed oil paint.

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