DIY Huarache Sandals Prototype

DIY Huarache Sandals

I made a prototype for Huarache-type sandals.

huarache barefoot running sandals cork sole

I used a cork sole cut from a cork tile, made holes, and threaded turquoise cotton cord through them.

cork sole huarache sandals
Bottom of the huarache sandals

DIY turquoise women's huarache sandals with cork sole

As they’re really comfortable to wear I decided to make a pair soon.

DIY cork sole huarache

In the background are things which I’m sewing at the moment: 😉 a turquoise wrap skirt, a turquoise cotton skirt, a white pleated skirt – and the cotton malines lace is for my Edwardian silk corset.

DIY turquoise cotton women's huarache sandals with cork sole

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