DIY Frayed Edge Applique Bunny Pillow

DIY Easter Bunny Pillow

Sew a cute Easter bunny pillow for Easter! DIY pillow cases with appliques are a great way to use up fabric scraps! I used up scraps from my hiking skirt, sequined skirt and the sleeve of my refashioned men’s shirt.

DIY Applique Pillow Cover With Fabric Scraps

I chose to make a frayed or raw edge applique. A frayed edge applique is the easiest applique. But you can also applique the bunny with satin stitches or with running stitches by hand. Here I embellished a skirt with appliqued elephants using the needle turn technique and running stitches and here I used machine satin stitches to applique a cute reindeer.

DIY Pillow Cover With Easter Egg And Easter Bunny Applique

You don’t need glue or fusible interfacing or some other fancy thing which are often recommended for DIY appliques unless your fabric is very flimsy. If your applique fabric is very flimsy, you could starch the fabric before you applique it. But I haven’t even starched the georgette and chiffon fabric for my 1920s rose applique dress.

Sew DIY Easter Applique Pillow Cover


You’ll need:


Print out one of my free bunny templates or choose another bunny template that you’ll like.

Raw Edge Applique Bunny Pillow Free Template

Cut out the bunny shape.

Easter Egg Applique Pillow

Choose a matching thread.

Raw Edge Applique Easter Bunny Pillow Tutorial

Pin the bunny applique to the fabric, if you want.

Using a straight stitch, sew around the bunny applique.

DIY Easter Bunny Pillow Tutorial

Then sew an envelope closure and your DIY Easter bunny pillow cover is finished.

DIY Easter Pillows Tutorial

The edge of the applique will fray slightly after the first wash in the washing machine.

Raw Edge Bunny Applique Pillow Free Template

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