DIY Fabric & Cork Flip Flops – Tutorial

DIY Fabric & Cork Flip Flops - Tutorial

Turn your old flip flops into cute summer flip flops with cork tiles and fabric scraps! It’s easy and fun! My upcycled fabric and cork flip flops are so comfy now I didn’t want to take them off again. 😀

DIY Fabric & Cork Flip Flops – Tutorial

You’ll need:

  • flip flops
  • cork tile
  • cotton fabric scraps
  • scissors
  • pencil
  • shoe repair glue

Cork Soles

Cut off the plastic straps of the flip flops (don’t throw them away yet). Cut one cork sole from the cork tile for each flip flop. And glue the cork soles onto the flip flop soles.

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diy cork flip flop sandal shoe tutorial

The Fabric Straps

Cut long strips of fabric. Use the plastic flip flop straps to measure how long the fabric strips have to be. Make them longer as the plastic strap to allow for the thickness of the sole and two knots (you can always cut off excess fabric later). You also need two shorter fabric strips for the loop between your toes.

Sew the sides of the fabrics strips together and turn them inside out.

diy cork flip flop huarache sandal shoe tutorial-84

DIY Fabric & Cork Flip Flops

Take the shorter strip of fabric, make a short loop, and push it through the sole. This is the most difficult part. 😉 I found it easier to push the fabric loop through while rotating the hand.

diy cork flip flop huarache sandal shoe tutorial-74

Tie a knot under the sole. Push the knot into the hole of the flip flop. That way the knot doesn’t come loose and it isn’t necessary to use glue.

diy cork flip flop huarache sandal shoe tutorial-86

Pull the longer fabric strip through the loop …

DIY Fabric & Cork Flip Flops - Tutorial

… and through the holes at the sides.

diy cork flip flop huarache sandal shoe tutorial-82

Adjust the length of the fabric strip. Make an overhand knot at each side under the sole, and push them into the holes. Wasn’t that fast and easy? 🙂

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How To Make DIY Flip Flops With Cork Soles - DIY Tutorial

22 thoughts on “DIY Fabric & Cork Flip Flops – Tutorial

  1. Love this idea, they look so much nicer than normal flipflops and I bet they are way more comfortable as well.

    Thanks for the inspiration.

      1. Thank you for joining! Your post has been added to The Really Crafty Link Party Pinterest board and will be one of this week’s features, which I will publish later today!

  2. I don’t get what happens to the knots, do they go between the cork and the flip flop sole? Have you used leather??? for the toe strap? How did it come out? Please explain where the knots go withouth causing Pain or uneven gait. This idea is so good, thank you for sharing

    1. Thanks, Sam! I used fabric for the toe strap but you can use leather if you want. When you cut off the flip flop straps, you can see that there are holes on the underside of the flip flop sole: This is where the knots go – the knots fill the holes and don’t cause pain. I hope this helps!

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