DIY Espadrilles With Jute And Cork Sole

DIY espadrilles with crochet jute and cork sole

I love to make my own shoes from scratch! In recent years, I made DIY Leather Huarache Sandals, Upcycled Espadrilles, DIY Bathing Shoes and DIY Pompon Sandals From Scratch. And this time I made nautical striped espadrilles with crochet jute soles and cork outsoles.

UPDATE In 2024: Don’t use cork for the soles because cork isn’t durable enough. Better make jute crochet or leather soles instead. Click on the link for my improved tutorial!

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  • jute rope
  • cork tile
  • white cotton canvas
  • blue printed cotton fabric
  • linen webbing
  • cotton webbing
  • blue and white crochet and sewing thread

DIY espadrilles nautical striped sandals shoes

I crocheted a sole with jute rope. I used the same sole pattern as for my 1920s bathing shoes. Then I adapted the bathing shoe pattern for the espadrilles uppers.

I wanted espadrille shoes with maritime stripes, so I cut up a small, printed, blue fabric bag – one of the first things I’ve ever sewn many, many years ago! 🙂 I added cotton webbing at the tip of the shoe uppers. The uppers are made with two fabric layers with the raw edges hidden inside.

espadrilles linen webbing

Using running and overcasting stitches, I sewed the linen webbing to the bottom of the jute sole.

sew cork sole to crochet jute sole DIY espadrilles

I cut two soles from the cork tile. Then, using running stitches, I stitched the jute and cork sole together with blue crochet thread.

espadrilles blanket stitch

Espadrille uppers are usually attached to the sole with blanket stitches. I used white crochet thread for the blanket stitches.

finished DIY espadrilles

And the DIY espadrilles are finished! 🙂 I’m so happy with how they turned out! 😀 And they’re really easy and fast to make.

32 thoughts on “DIY Espadrilles With Jute And Cork Sole

  1. Wow, you made those espadrilles from scratch!! They are quite common here and also in Catalonia, and we have slightly different versions as kind of high-heel ones.
    Love the nautical look you gave yours and I am sure they are comfortable too.
    Thanks for sharing them with us at Sweet Inspiration, enjoy the weekend!

  2. These are really cute. I DIY lots of different items, but making my own shoes never crossed my mind. Your talent is amazing, thanks for the inspiration.

  3. I love these! Your projects are very inspiring ? Will you publish a pattern for the crocheted inner soles?

  4. Can’t wait to get started! Just one question: how did you crochet the jute soles? Did you use a pattern, and are those double crochets?

    1. I used a sole pattern which I found online: Just search for “crochet sole”. The soles are made with (US) single crochet stitches (with doubled yarn). I’d love to see your finished espadrilles! 🙂

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