DIY Distressed Wood Tray To Display Pebbles

DIY Distressed Wood Tray To Display Pebbles

I made a shabby distressed wood tray to display my collected river rocks! 😀

carve wood by hand with chisel gouge and hammer tutorial

I used a chisel and hammer to carve the wood by hand.

diy distressed wood tray

The scrap wood was very hard, so the carving wasn’t easy.

how to distress wood

Then I distressed the wood with wood rasps.

diy distressed wood trough box

I used a handsaw …

how to make driftwood distress wood faux driftwood board tutorial

… and wood rasps to turn the piece of wood into faux driftwood.

shabby distressed wood tray tutorial

Then I smoothed the wood with sandpaper …

DIY Distressed Wood Tray

… and stained the wood.

diy faux driftwood tutorial
DIY faux driftwood

DIY how to weather wood naturally stain new wood

-> Tutorial: How to give new wood an old weathered look with steel wool & vinegar

diy distressed wood tray to display rocks
The finished wood tray
diy beach pebble display
Paper roses

diy faux driftwood tray

I use the faux driftwood tray to display my collected river rocks and some bought semi-precious stones.

diy fake driftwood tutorial sea glass
Sea glass
how to display beach stones beach finds rocks

diy river rock display idea

There’s also green and white sea glass, some driftwood and DIY pink paper roses and crochet flowers.

diy river rock crafts collection river rocks

How do you display your river rocks and beach finds?

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  1. I am a “rock hound” too, and I’m always looking for ways to display my finds! This is perfect! 🙂

    Thank you so much for sharing this at the Farmhouse Friday link party! Pinned! 🙂

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