DIY Boho Pom Pom Hair Accessory

DIY Boho Pom Pom Hair Accessory

I love the boho hairstyles by Mara Hoffman which are made with Indian camel swags! 😀 And finally I made my own pompom hair accessory. Yay! I love it! In this tutorial I’ll show you how you can make your own and how to use the pompom hair accessory for a cute boho hairstyle.

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You’ll need:

  • DIY pompoms and tassels
  • hair elastic
  • twisted cord that’s twice as long as your hair
  • yarn
  • needle and scissor
  • optional: beads and buttons

DIY Pompom Hair Accessory

Fold the twisted cord in half and loop it around the hair elastic. Tie the pompoms and tassels to the twisted cord with square knots. You can also add buttons and beads if you want. I used colorful plastic buttons and golden metal buttons, large ceramic beads and black and white striped seed beads.

Boho Braid Hairstyle With Pompom Hair Accessory

DIY Boho Pom Pom Hairstyle Tutorial

Put your hair into a ponytail. Wrap some hair around the elastic and secure it with pins. Now braid your hair. Tug on the sides of the braid to make it bigger.

Boho Pom Pom Braid Hairstyle Tutorial

Wrap the pompom hair accessory around the braid in a criss-cross pattern. When you’ve reached the end of the braid, secure the pompom hair accessory with an elastic or bobby pin, or tie an overhand knot.

Boho Messy Braid Hairstyle Tutorial
Finished pompom braid

The pompom hair accessory is perfect for summer and festivals!

Messy Boho Braided Crown With Pom Poms

If you want, you can also wrap the pompom braid around the head and secure it with bobby pins. More pompom crafts on my blog: DIY pompom straw placemat bag & DIY pompom sandals from scratch!

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  1. I love the hair braiding with the pompom, especially wrapped around the head. I wish I had hair like that! Baby fine doesn’t look this good, I tell ya!

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