DIY Almond Kohl Recipe

DIY Almond Kohl Recipe

In this tutorial I’ll show you how to make your own natural kohl with burnt almonds at home.

You’ll need:

  • 2 or 3 almonds
  • candle or oil lamp
  • metal skewer
  • two bowls or pots of equal size
  • clean copper plate
  • non-flammable surface, such as sheet metal
  • glycerin, almond oil or ghee

DIY Almond Kohl/ Kajal Tutorial

On either side of a non-flammable surface place the equal sized bowls. I used a scrap piece of copper as non-flammable surface, on top of a cork coaster because the copper might get hot. Now place the clean copper plate on top of the bowls, using them as stand.

Carefully – I accidentally pierced my finger as well! 😉 – pierce the almond with a metal skewer (the metal skewer might be discolored afterwards). If the almond breaks, try to pierce another more cautious. Then ignite the almond over a candle flame.

DIY Almond Kohl/ Kajal Tutorial

Hold the burning almond close to the copper plate. Make sure that everything which falls down from the burning almond falls onto the non-flammable surface. The almond will burn for a minute or so. Wait till the almond is completely extinguished, this may take some time. Burn more almonds if you want. Then grind the burnt almonds to a very fine powder in a mortar.

DIY Almond Kohl/ Kajal Tutorial

There’s also a black residue on the copper plate. Scrape the residue off with a spoon. And grind in a mortar if necessary – the residue is usually already a very fine powder, unlike the burnt almonds. You can use both black powders for your kohl – the soot as well as the ground almonds.

Apply kohl kajal with blunt point needle

Mix some of the black powder with some drops of glycerin till you get a thick paste. I used a needle with a blunt point to apply the kohl.

Homemade black kohl kajal

The homemade kajal is very black.

Homemade Kohl Kajal Eyeliner

The kohl smudges, so after some hours the black line turns into a smokey eye. 😉

Here you’ll find another homemade kohl recipe and more recipes for kohl, liquid eyeliner and mascara.

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