DIY 1920s Ribbon Flower – Tutorial

DIY 1920s Ribbon Flower Tutorial Ruth Wyeth Spears

‘A well-made rosette of two-toned double faced ribbon gives just the right touch at the waistline of the simple but smartly cut evening frocks so much in the vogue.’ (Ruth Wyeth Spears, 1920s)

Ribbon rosettes were popular dress accessories in the 1920s – they were usually worn at the shoulder or waist. A while ago I made a ribbon rosette for my 1920s turquoise taffeta robe de style and the dress looks much more finished with the rosette.

For this new ribbon rosette I used original 1920s instruction. The 1920s ribbon rosette is really easy and fast to make!


You’ll need:


Historically Accurate 1920s Ribbon Flower Tutorial
Attaching the loops with running stitches

The following instructions are the original 1920s instructions for the ribbon rosette written by Ruth Wyeth Spears:

“The rosette, to be exactly correct, should have a flat flower-like appearance. This flower effect is accented by knotting the loops of ribbon and arranging them so that there is a contrast of color in each loop. Long streamers of the same ribbon also knotted at the ends add much grace and charm.

1920s Ribbon Rosette Tutorial
I used a long piece of ribbon instead of cutting it between each loop

To make the rosette, double belt and streamers shown here you will need fifteen yards of half-inch two-toned ribbon. Cut a foundation piece of buckram one and three quarters inches in diameter.

Cut the ribbon for the outside loops about eight inches long. Knot in the center as at A. Then bring the ends together as at B and sew to the buckram.

1920s Ribbon Flower Tutorial
I used white ribbon for the outside and cream-colored ribbon for the inside of the flower

The loops for the inside rows are cut an inch shorter than those on the outside, and are sewn to the buckram in the same manner until the center is reached.” (1920s Ribbon Rosette by Ruth Wyeth Spears)

Antique 1920s Flower Buckram Backing
DIY Buckram backing

Stitch three or four small stitches and cut off the thread.

I stitched a safety pin to the buckram backing so that I can wear the ribbon flower with different 1920s dresses.

Authentic 1920s Ribbon Rosette Dress Accessory
The finished 1920s ribbon rosette

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  1. I am going to try to make this for my 1920s frock, that I am wearing for a book signing. Thank you so much for making it so easy to understand with these pictures.

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