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Homemade 3-Ingredient Cold Cream From 100 Years Ago!

Make this easy cold cream with only 3 ingredients. A simple & easy recipe from over 100 years ago for a perfect natural homemade moisturizer for today!

Natural Homemade 3-Ingredient Cold Cream

Cold cream has a long history: It has been used for 2000 years! This homemade 3-ingredient cold cream is the best historical or modern cold cream recipe I’ve tried so far! 😀 After making it for the first time, I liked it so much that it replaced all my store-bought hand and face creams. I now make it all the time for the whole family! And homemade cold cream is also a perfect gift. Continue reading Homemade 3-Ingredient Cold Cream From 100 Years Ago!

How To Make Flaxseed Hair Gel

Make homemade flaxseed hair gel! It’s an easy and simple recipe with only two ingredients!

How To Make Flaxseed Hair Gel 2 Ingredients

DIY flaxseed hair gel is often used in the curly girl method to define your curls or waves. And flaxseed hair gel also protects your hair from damage. It’s easy and quick to make flaxseed hair gel at home. And what’s best, you only need two ingredients to make flaxseed hair gel! 😀 Continue reading How To Make Flaxseed Hair Gel

Edwardian Blue Polka Dot Cotton Dress

Edwardian Blue Polka Dot Cotton Dress

After making an Edwardian cotton wash dress a couple of years ago, I now made another Edwardian cotton dress. 😀 It’s an early Edwardian dress with a separate bodice & skirt, tucks at the front and pintucks at the back of the bodice, wide bishop sleeves and a tulip skirt with a wide hem circumference and a ruffle at the bottom. As always I used a self-drafted pattern based on antique Edwardian sewing patterns and made the dress as historically accurate as possible. Continue reading Edwardian Blue Polka Dot Cotton Dress

18th Century Embroidered Stomacher

18th Century Embroidered Stomacher

I’ve always wanted to have an 18th century embroidered stomacher and now I actually made two! 😀 One of my 18th century stomachers is hand-embroidered and the other is machine-embroidered on my old treadle sewing machine. In addition, both stomacher are reversible: so I have four 18th century stomacher now. Continue reading 18th Century Embroidered Stomacher