20 DIY Natural Christmas Ornaments

Natural Christmas ornaments are beautiful, easy to make and practically free! Make nature-inspired Christmas decorations with pine cones, rose hips, acorns, walnuts and oranges.

20 DIY Natural Christmas Ornaments

Make DIY natural Christmas ornaments for your tree this year! These homemade natural Christmas decorations are eco-friendly, cheap, easy and fun to make. You can gather most of the materials for the natural Christmas tree ornaments in the nature. So there’s no need to run to the store – especially now in times of the coronavirus. You can find the materials for the Christmas ornaments made from natural materials in your garden, the woods or parks.

While some of the following eco-friendly Christmas ornaments are all-natural, such as the snowy pine cones made with flour paste and salt, for some you need acrylic paint, such as for the Victorian gilded walnuts.

So get outside and collect natural Christmas decorations to make at home. It will surely get you and your family in the Christmas spirit! And by the way, these homemade natural tree Christmas ornaments make great gifts too, so make a few extra for friends and family.

20 DIY Natural Christmas Ornaments

This is a roundup of all the DIY natural Christmas ornaments that I made so far. Click on the links below the photos for the tutorials.

Gilded Walnuts

DIY Victorian Gilded Walnuts

Gilded walnuts have a long tradition as Christmas tree ornaments: They were already popular in the Victorian era as natural Christmas tree decorations!

-> How To Make Victorian Gilded Walnuts

Wool Felt Pine Cones

DIY Felt Pine Cones

For these felt pine cones I used wool scraps that were leftover from my handmade Victorian coat.

-> How To Make Pine Cones With Wool Felt

Snow-Covered Pine Cones

Pine Cones Natural Christmas Ornaments Eyelet Hooks As Hanger

Snow-covered pine cones are so cute and easy Christmas ornaments!

-> How To Make Snow-Covered Pine Cones

Bottle Brush Tree Ornaments From Scratch

How To Make A Bottle Brush Christmas Tree - From Scratch!

For these bottle brush tree ornaments from scratch, you need natural fiber yarn, a branch and wire.

-> How To Make Bottle Brush Tree Ornaments From Scratch

Rosehip Wreath Ornament

DIY Rosehip Wreath Ornaments

Just collect some rosehips and make these cute rosehip wreath ornaments. Rosehips dry over time and you can keep these ornaments for many years! And you can also use cranberries instead of rosehips.

-> How To Make Natural Rosehip Wreath Ornaments

Wood Bead Faux Cranberry Wreath

DIY Wood Bead Cranberry Wreath Ornament

Instead of real rosehips or cranberries you can also make a faux berry wreath ornament with wooden beads.

-> How To Make A Faux Cranberry Wreath Ornament

Straw Ornaments

How To Make Straw Christmas Ornaments

Straw stars and other straw ornaments also have a long tradition as Christmas tree ornaments. All you need for these natural Christmas ornaments is natural straw and a piece of thread.

-> How To Make Old-Fashioned Straw Ornaments

Eco-Friendly Snow Pine Cones With Salt & Wheat Paste

DIY Eco-Friendly Snow Pine Cone Ornaments Tutorial

Instead of snow-covered pine cones with acrylic paint, you can make all-natural snow-covered pine cone ornaments with flour, water and salt!

-> DIY Eco-Friendly Snow-Covered Pine Cones

Wool Felt Ornaments

DIY Felt Heart Ornaments – Tutorial

A couple of years ago I made these wool felt heart ornaments – it’s the most popular Christmas-related post on my blog!

-> How To Make Wool Felt Heart Ornaments

Wooden Bead Star Ornaments

DIY Wooden Bead Star Tutorial

These simple Christmas ornaments are made with small wooden beads.

-> How To Make Wooden Bead Star Ornaments

Golden Acorns

DIY Golden Acorns - Natural Christmas Ornaments

Instead of walnuts, you can also make gilded acorns.

-> How To Make Golden Acorns

Holly Felt Ornament

DIY Holly Felt Christmas Ornaments

And here’s another cute Christmas ornament made with wool felt.

-> How To Make Holly Felt Christmas Ornaments

Wooden Christmas Ornaments

tutorial: diy wood star ornament

Did you know that you can make wooden star ornaments from scratch by hand? You only need a scrap piece of wood and a bow saw for these natural Christmas decorations. By the way, you can also make a wooden heart and tree.

-> How To Make Wooden Star, Heart & Tree Ornaments

Mini Pine Cone Wreath Ornaments

DIY Mini Pine Cone Wreath Ornament

These small faux pine cone wreath ornaments are made with alder cones.

-> How To Make Mini Pine Cone Wreath Ornaments

Gilded Leaf Ornaments

How To Make Gilded Leaves - Natural Ornaments

Gilded leaf ornaments are just as easy to make as gilded walnuts and acorns. You can use different leaves such as holly leaves, oak leaves, maple leaves, Oregon grape leaves or laurel leaves.

-> How To Make Gilded Leaf Ornaments

Gingerbread Cookies

Medieval Gingerbread Nürnberger Lebkuchen Recipe

Since medieval times, cookies were used to decorate the Christmas tree. You can even bake original medieval gingerbread cookies: This recipe was published in 1553!

-> Medieval Gingerbread Recipe

4 All-Natural Green Christmas Cookies

Instead of gingerbread, you can also make all-natural green cookies! All these green cookies are naturally colored with vegetables and nuts.

-> 4 All-Natural Green Christmas Cookies

Dried Orange Slices

Orange Slices Victorian Natural Christmas Ornaments

Fruits – such as oranges and apples – have always been popular Christmas ornaments. You can make these dried orange slices in the oven or dehydrator.

-> How To Make Dried Orange Slices In The Oven Or Dehydrator

Dried Orange Peel Stars

DIY Rustic Wooden Box Centerpiece - Tutorial

And instead of whole oranges, you can also make natural Christmas ornaments only with the peel.

-> How To Make Orange Peel Star Ornaments

Yarn-Wrapped Wooden Wreath Ornaments

Mini Yarn Wreath Christmas Tree Ornaments

These mini wreath ornaments are made with wooden curtain rings and cotton yarn.

-> How To Make Yarn-Wrapped Wreath Ornaments

Popsicle Stick Sled Ornaments

DIY Popsicle Stick Sled Ornaments

And last but not least a cute and easy Christmas tree ornament made with wooden popsicle sticks.

-> How To Make Popsicle Stick Sled Ornaments

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20 DIY Natural Christmas Ornaments

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