1950s-Style Pink Gingham Dress

Pink And White Gingham Dress

Pink is one of my favorite colors and I absolutely love gingham – I think pink gingham looks so summery! So some years ago I sewed this 1950s-style dress with pink and white gingham.

Pink And White Gingham Dress
Backless dress

The gingham dress is a backless neckholder dress.

1950s Pink Gingham Dress
1950s-style dress

My dress is inspired by 1950s dresses and dirndl dresses but it’s not an authentic 1950s dress.

-> 1950s White Taffeta Dress

Handmade Gingham Dress
Pink gingham dress & pink phlox

The color of the dress matches the phlox in the background!

Vintage Gingham Dress - Fashion And Dog
My dog

She’s happy after having a slice of watermelon – she loves watermelon!

Backless Pink Gingham Dress

It was a beautiful summer evening when we took the photos of the 1950s-style dress.

1950s Backless Gingham Dress
DIY shoes with cork soles

I’m wearing the dress with 1950s accessories and DIY shoes with cork soles – more about them below.

Pink Check Summer Dress
1950s-style dress with DIY crochet hat & DIY espadrilles

For construction details and close-up pictures of my 1950s-style gingham dress, click on the link:

-> 1950s-Style Pink And White Gingham Dress – Details

1950s-Style Dress Accessories

DIY 1950s Crochet Hat

With the gingham dress I’m wearing my DIY 1950s-style crochet hat made out of a crochet tablecloth!

1950s Crochet Gloves
1950s crochet lace gloves

I’m also wearing my vintage crochet lace gloves that I found on ebay. The crochet lace is so delicate – maybe the crochet gloves are from the 1950s?

Vintage Crochet Lace Gloves
1950s-style crochet gloves

More pictures of the vintage crochet gloves with detail picture of the crochet lace:

-> Vintage Crochet Lace Gloves

DIY Espadrilles From Scratch
DIY espadrilles

And I’m wearing my DIY espadrilles. I made the espadrilles from scratch with jute twine, cork tiles and fabric scraps. I crocheted soles with jute twine, stitched the shoe uppers to the crochet soles and then stitched the cork soles to the crochet soles.

-> DIY Espadrilles From Scratch

DIY Espadrilles With Jute Crochet And Cork Soles
Cork soles

The DIY espadrilles are so comfortable to wear but I’m thinking about replacing the cork soles with leather soles – leather is more durable than cork.

Vintage Picnic

1950s-Style Dress And Shoes With Cork Soles - Vintage Picnic
Vintage picnic food

Vintage Picnic Recipes

We had a vintage picnic after we took the photos of the gingham dress. I prepared Victorian and Edwardian picnic food. Click on the link below for the recipes:

-> Victorian And Edwardian Picnic Food

We had savory sandwiches – ham, beef and cucumber sandwiches – sweet coconut sandwiches and homemade lemonade.

Vintage Picnic Dress
Old-fashioned lemonade

The homemade lemonade was so delicious! The recipe dates back to the 1920s!

-> Old-Fashioned Lemonade

1950s Gingham Dress

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  1. Your dress is adorable. I love the pink, and looks perfect for a hot, summer day. I remember the days of picnics. Seems to be a lost activity now. Thanks for sharing on Sundays Best.

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