1950s-Style Pink Gingham Dress – Details

1950s-Style Pink And White Gingham Dress - Details

This is part two about my 1950s-style dress with close-up pictures and constructions details.

For more pictures of the vintage gingham dress click on the link below:

-> 1950s-Style Gingham Dress


1950s-Style Dress – Details

Vintage Pink And White Gingham Dress Close-Up

The pattern of the 1950s-style dress is really simple: The dress is basically constructed of rectangles and triangles.

Rectangles And Triangles - 1950s-Style Dress
Rectangles and triangles
Cartridge Pleats - 1950s Gingham Dress
Cartridge pleats

I attached the skirt to the bodice with cartridge pleats. Cartridge pleats were very popular in the Victorian era and the 1950s saw a revival of Victorian fashion. Dirndl skirts are usually attached with cardridge pleats as well.

-> Cartridge Pleat Tutorial

Tie And Snap Closure - Vintage Gingham Dress

The vintage dress is closed with self-fabric ties and snaps in the back. I think the bows are a nice detail.

Tie and Snap Closure - Vintage Gingham Dress
Tie and snap closure

I really like how this 1950s-style dress turned out! It’s so lightweight and summery!


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