1950s Soutache And Ribbon Trim Ideas – Vintage Embroidery And Sewing Techniques Part 12

1940s 1950s vintage velvet ribbon trim tutorial

In this part of my 1950s embroidery series, I have various samplers with soutache and ribbon trims for you; all sampler were made between 1950 and 1952.

1940s 1950s vintage velvet ribbon scroll work border embroidery

The first sampler is a black velvet ribbon scrollwork border on thin grey wool fabric.

diy velvet ribbon scrollwork trim idea
Wrong side of velvet ribbon scrollwork

The velvet ribbon was gathered by hand and also attached by hand.

1950s velvet ribbon scrollwork border wrong side
Wrong side of velvet ribbon scrollwork, close-up

1940s 1950s velvet ribbon embroidery with soutache braid

There’s also a black soutache stitched around the scrolls to make the scrollwork embroidery stand out even more.

1950s pleated folded velvet ribbon trim idea

Next is a 1951 sketch for various velvet ribbon ideas: The velvet ribbon is folded or pleated so that sometimes the shiny velvet side is up, and sometimes the dull taffeta side is up. The ribbon folds are stitched down with seed beads or sequins.

1940s 1950s vintage soutache embroidery

The next sampler is embroidered with soutache.

1940s 1950s soutache trim sampler

The soutache braid is applied in a freehand scrolling pattern.

sew soutache by hand 1950s vintage soutache
Wrong side of soutache embroidery

The soutache trim is stitched down by hand. Here’s the wrong side of an 1860s wool paletot where the soutache is also applied by hand.

1950s ribbon cutwork lattice work trim idea sketch
1950s cutwork embroidered with ribbon lattice work

And another 1951 sketch: a cut out rectangle in the fabric is filled with self-fabric strips or ribbon lattice work. This would be pretty at the hem of a dress or skirt.

1940s 1950s vintage rick rack embroidery

The last sampler is embellished rick rack embroidery.

1950s vintage embellished rick rack embroidery close up
Close-up of rick rack embroidery

The red and yellow rick rack ribbon is stitched down with embroidery stitches by hand.

vintage ric rac embroidery by hand wrong side
Wrong side of rick rack embroidery


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