1920s White Pleated Satin Skirt

1920s White Pleated Satin Skirt

I made a 1920s pleated skirt. I used polyester satin fabric. Originally, I bought it as 100% acetate fabric – a fabric used in the 1920s. But when I tested the fabric, it was just polyester. So I’ve got a refund, and this 1920s pleated skirt didn’t cost anything.

skirt pleats

Nevertheless, I decided to use this fabric, as polyester holds pleats very well, even after washing. I always admired pleated skirt, but I thought it would take ages to iron all those pleats! 😉

To make the pleats, I cut a strip of paper using it as a gauge while ironing the pleats. This way, the ironing was much faster than I thought. 😀

1920s skirts often had a bodice part attached; so the skirt didn’t have a waistband. With the skirt, a blouse and/ or jacket would have been worn, or a sweater as in this photograph.

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