1920s White Lace Afternoon Dress

1920s white lace afternoon v-neck dress

For my late 1920s white lace afternoon dress I used the same shiny white and cream-colored lace which I used for this 1920s lace dress. Here’s another shiny ivory lace dress from the 1920s.

1920s white cream lace dress

The dress has a V-neckline at the front and back. Here are two 1920s V-neck lace dresses: cream-colored Vionnet lace dress and white mixed lace dress. And because my 1920s lace dress is very sheer, I’m wearing my pink satin slip underneath.

uneven hem handkerchief hem lace dress

My 1920s lace dress is calf length. By the way, not all 1920s dresses were knee length: afternoon and evening dresses sometimes were longer, like this 1920s summer dress autochrome (the second picture) and this 1927 sheer summer dress. The dress has godets at the hips and a handkerchief hem. Here’s such a pretty 1920s white lace dress with godets and handkerchief hem. If I could just find such a dainty vintage lace – a Mechlin, Valenciennes, or Limerick needlerun lace – I’d love to recreate that lovely lace dress! 😀

white lace dress lilac flowers

The 1920s autochrome of Bibi in Nice by Jacques-Henri Lartigue inspired me to photograph the lace dress with a lilac bouquet. And this dreamy 1920s photograph of a woman with a sheer summer cloche inspired me to also take some photos under a willow tree.

1920s crochet lace hat and lace dress

I’m wearing the lace dress with my white crochet lace summer cloche. Here’s a 1920s autochrome of a wide-brimmed summer hat and a 1920s pineapple crochet lace hat. For the hat I used scraps from my DIY crochet lace skirt. My crochet lace hat is trimmed with my DIY silk and rayon flowers.

I pinned my long hair into a bun. If you’d like to recreate the hairstyle, I’ve written a tutorial for this authentic 1920s hairstyle.

1920s white lace jacket
1920s lace jacket

Because I had lace fabric left over, I also made a matching sheer lace jacket for the dress. My lace jacket is mainly inspired by this pretty 1928 Hattie Carnegie tulle dress with jacket. And two more 1920s lace dresses with matching jackets: cream-colored 1920s lace dress and white silk rayon lace dress.

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