1920s Sheer Floral Chiffon Summer Dress

1920s Sheer Floral Chiffon Summer Dress

That’s my 1920s pink floral printed chiffon dress.

1920s Floral Chiffon Dress

Because I couldn’t find sheer floral fabric, I bought two chiffon dresses. I cut apart one of the dresses to make the scarf, the wrap shoulder cape and the belt. The other I shortened and changed the neckline.

1920s chiffon dress

The fabric is pretty, lightweight and soft-draping. The dress has lace attached to cover the seams, but it didn’t distract too much from the lines of the 1920s dress, so I didn’t remove it. This floral 1920s dress also has some lace details.

1920s pink Floral Chiffon Summer Dress

The dress can be worn …

1920s printed dress cape

… with the scarf tied round the shoulder like a cape, as here or here, …

1920s shoulder wrap cape

… or with the shoulder wrap cape …

1920s sheer summer cloche hat

… and the scarf tied round the cloche hat.

1920 wrap chiffon dress

This second bodice for the dress has a wrap effect in front and back.

1920 wrap chiffon dress

It is gathered at the shoulders …

1920 diy summer chiffon dress

… and open at the sides.

1920s summer dress cloche hat

And it’s gathered into a belt at the hips.

1920s dress cloche

Here’s a 1920s dress with a similar wrap bodice.

1920s charleston chiffon dress

This 1920s floral chiffon dress was my main inspiration. Here’s another 1920s pink floral chiffon dress.

20s chiffon dress flower lace

The dress is perfect for summer! 🙂

20s charleston dress flower lace summer

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