1920s Lace And Chiffon Dress

1920s Lace And Chiffon Dress

This is my 1920s lace and chiffon dress which is so comfortable to wear!

1920s white lace chiffon wedding dress

It’s made from curtain scraps! 😉 I used white mottled chiffon, and white and gold lace fabric.

Here’s another 20s dress which I made with curtain scraps.

lace curtain fabric dress

The seams are finished between the lace and the chiffon layer. And the hem and armscyes are finished with my 1920s imitation picot hem.

As the lace dress is slightly sheer, I’m also wearing a 1920s white satin slip.

diy lace dress

The lace is a bit shorter than the chiffon layer.

ruffle lace skirt

I gathered the skirt more in back than in front.

20s lace dress

‘This is so boring. Can we go now?’ 😉

1920s white lace dress

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