1920s Finger Waves – Next Trial

finger wave clips

I bought longer wave clips to try 1920s finger waves again. Last time I didn’t get very deep waves.

1920s Finger Waves

While waiting for my hair to dry, I’m eating delicious homemade strawberry soy yogurt! 😀

hair wave clips

This time the finger waves are better and longer lasting but still not perfect. So I’ll soon try out finger wave clips.

finger waves

Here you’ll find my tutorial for an original 1920s/30s faux bob hairstyle with long hair.

2 thoughts on “1920s Finger Waves – Next Trial

  1. Dippity Doo. Put it in and comb thru, damp dry, and wave. Or use Brylcream the same way if you must be historically correct.
    Salt spritz works, too.

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