1920s Black Lace Dress

1920s Black Lace Dress

Some pictures of my 1920s black lace dress which I’ve sewn some years ago.

1920s black lace dress

The materials I used are: sheer black floral lace, black chiffon, and pink, gold and beige seed beads.

1920s black lace and chiffon dress

My main inspiration was this pretty 1920s black lace dress.

1920s black chiffon dress

I thought just black lace would be too boring so I used lace in combination with chiffon, inspired by these two antique 1920s black lace and chiffon dresses: dress 1 and dress 2.

1920s faux bob hairstyle for long hair
1920s faux bob

Here you’ll find my tutorial how to make an original 1920s faux bob with long hair.

1920s black lace godet dress

My dress has black chiffon godets (1920s white lace dress with chiffon godets). The V-shaped chiffon scarf is just attached with safety pins, so I can also wear the dress without.

1920s black lace dress scarf collar

Inspired by 1920s dresses I left the ends of the scarf collar free flowing: 1920s print chiffon dress, and 1920s black chiffon dress.

1920s lace dress godets close up
Close-up of godets

1920s imitation picot hem

The hem I finished with a 1920s imitation picot hem.

1920s sheer black lace dress beige skin-colored slip

Because the lace dress is very sheer I’m wearing a skin-colored slip underneath.

1920s floral lace dress
Sheer black lace
1920s pink gold beaded belt buckle brooch
Close-up of beaded ornament

This pink beaded belt buckle or brooch was my main inspiration. The beaded ornament has a fabric backing onto which I stitched pink, gold and beige seed beads. It’s attached with a safety pin to the dress.

1920s beaded black lace dress

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