1910s Wedding Photograph

1910s Wedding Photograph

Today I have a vintage wedding photograph for you: It’s a late Edwardian photograph of my ancestors! 😀 Isn’t that gorgeous?

Vintage Late Edwardian Photograph Of Bride And Groom

The bride seems to wearing a short, high-waisted, black taffeta dress and a white or cream-colored cotton tulle lace veil. The groom wears a military uniform.

1910s wedding photograph detail: black taffeta dress, leather boots, vintage embroidered cotton tulle lace veil

The bride wears dark lace up leather boots with her short dress. The tulle veil has embroidered scallops at the sides, and a wide hem and tulle embroidery at the bottom.

1915 WW1 wedding photograph, groom with military uniform, wedding bouquet

I think it’s a WW1 wedding photograph, taken maybe in 1915 or 1916.

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