1900s Kimono Nightgown

1900s kimono nightgown

I’ve sewn an Edwardian kimono nightgown.

edwardian kimono nightgown

I’ve used 100% cotton fabric and lace.

cotton kimono nightgown

Here‘s a photograph of a girl wearing an Edwardian kimono nightdress. This 1916 source continues that the kimono ‘nightdress is easy to make’ with the sleeves ‘cut with the gown all in one’.

edwardian nightgown with ribbon

The nightgown is gathered under the bust with a pink ribbon.

edwardian cotton lace nightgown

I’ve used pink polyester satin ribbon, which I had in my fabric stash; but I might change it later to a silk satin ribbon.

edwardian kimono nightgown pattern

Here‘s a pattern for an Edwardian kimono nightgown. I’ve made a slightly sloping shoulder seam, so my kimono nightgown is made from two fabric pieces. I’ve sewn a flat fell seam on the shoulder seams, and a french seam on the side seams, as this 1919 source suggests.

cotton lace

I’ve joined three different cotton laces as sleeve finish.

1900s buttonholes nightdress

For the ribbon, I’ve sewn countless, long buttonholes, such as on this kimono lace nightgown.

edwardian lace nightgown

I’ve followed these 1916 instruction on how to sew a kimono nightgown. My nightgown just clears the ground and is finished with a deep hem at the botton, such as this 1900s lace nightdress.

1900s lace nightgown

The neckline is trimmed with cotton lace, as well, and slightly gathered with cotton string, as can be seen on this 1900s nightgown.

edwardian white cotton nightdress

Here‘s a photograph of a kimono nightgown with crochet lace, a plain 1915 nightdress, and a nightgown with pink satin ribbon.

1900s white cotton lace nightdress

Here’s another kimono nightgown with eyelet lace which I’ve sewn.

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