1900s Gingham Wash Dress – The Apron

Edwardian White Cotton Apron 1900s Maid's Dress

For my Edwardian maid outfit I made a plain white cotton apron which is inspired by antique 1900s aprons.

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Some Edwardian aprons were as long as the dress, but I made my Edwardian apron slightly shorter like this antique apron. The skirt as well as the bib of my Edwardian apron are gathered into the waistband. Some 1900s aprons had a button closure. But I made my apron with apron strings like on this painting or this Edwardian photograph.

Edwardian White Cotton Apron 1900s Maid's Dress

Most Edwardian aprons had deep hems. That’s why I also made deep hems at the top and bottom of the apron. And there are no raw edges on the wrong side of the apron: All raw edges are enclosed in hems or the self-fabric strips at the sides and waist of the apron.

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  1. Thank you so much! I’m costuming a stage show that needs an apron like this, and I can never find one available for rent, so I plan on making one. These tips will really help.

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