1900s Gingham Wash Dress – As A Summer Dress

Edwardian Pink Striped Cotton Summer Dress

Without the maid accessories like the cap and apron, my Edwardian maid dress also doubles as an Edwardian summer dress. In the Edwardian era, cotton dresses were very popular in summer because they were cool, light and easy to wash.

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Edwardian Pink Striped Cotton Summer Dress

‘If we go on the river or to tennis in the sunshine, the woman is not well dressed who wears a ten-guinea tailor-made cloth, however light, but she who is clad in a cotton which has probably cost a few odd shillings’ (Every Woman’s Encyclopaedia, 1910-2).

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Edwardian Pink Striped Cotton Summer Dress

‘The blouse is made to slip on over the head and left to pouch slightly all around over the belt’ (description of a 1906 sailor costume for outing wear which can be made in gingham).

Here’s a pretty Edwardian pink striped cotton summer dress and a 1902 blue cotton seaside dress.

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Edwardian Boater Hat 1900s Sailor Hat

Edwardian cotton summer dresses were often worn with straw boater hats. Here’s a 1898 drawing of a lady wearing a yachting dress and boater hat. I trimmed my Edwardian-style boater hat with a strip of the same fabric as the dress.

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‘Many people wear embroidered strips on their plain straw or linen river hats.’ (Every Woman’s Encyclopaedia, 1910-2)

Edwardian Pink Striped Cotton Summer Dress

I’m wearing my Edwardian summer dress with all necessary Edwardian underwear: chemise, corset, corset cover and stockings. But despite the corset and all the layers of underwear, the cotton dress is quite comfortable and cool to wear.

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Here you’ll find my pinterest boards 1900s Washdress and Maid Dress and 1900s sportswear with all inspirations for my Edwardian cotton summer dress.

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2 thoughts on “1900s Gingham Wash Dress – As A Summer Dress

    1. Hi, a wash dress is a dress that’s washable. It was usually worn as morning dress while doing housework and for summer outings were a dress might get soiled.

      It’s either made of cotton, linen or silk (if silk was washable, it was usually called “tub silk” or “washing silk” in the Edwardian era). Wool dresses were just brushed, and silk and delicate cotton lace dresses didn’t withstand the rough handling in the washing tub.

      A wash dress could be a very plain cotton dress, like mine, or it could be trimmed with lace, such as broderie anglaise lace, bands of fabric or ribbons. A tailored linen dress was also called a wash dress. Such a dress was worn at the beach or river, as walking dress and for sports, such as tennis. Sometimes even a delicate lace dress was called a wash dress: When a wash dress isn’t really washable.

      A cotton or linen wash dress together with a tailored wool dress or shirtwaist costume were everyday clothes of Edwardian women. Here you’ll find more information when wash dresses were worn: How to dress in the Edwardian era.

      A wash dress was also called tub frock in the Edwardian era.

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