18th Century Blue Linen Jacket – Details

18th century blue linen jacket, handsewn eyelets, spiral lacing

Here are detail pictures of my 18th century blue linen jacket. The jacket is closed with spiral lacing. The eyelets I’ve sewn by hand with half bleached linen thread.

18th century linen jacket, cotton lining

Here’s an inside view of my linen jacket. It is lined with brown and white cotton fabric using fabric scaps I had in my stash.

linen jacket lining

I’ve used 18th century accurate sewing stitches: these 1769 sewing stitches after Garsault, and these 18th century stitches on extant garments.

18th century linen jacket piecing

I’ve also done some piecing as I hadn’t much fabric, which I’ve repurposed from an old dress.

18th century linen jacket patching

It also adds authenticity to the jacket.

18th century spiral lacing

Here you see how the bottom eyelets are spaced closer together on one side for the spiral lacing.

18th century linen jacket back view

That’s the back view of the jacket with a seam down the middle, the side seams slightly towards the back, and the sloping shoulder seam at the back.

18th century linen jacket underarm gusset

I’ve added an underarm gusset.

18th century linen jacket cuffs

The jacket has mid 18th century ‘wing’ cuffs. They are made from a rectangle piece of fabric, with the pleats stitched down.

18th century linen jacket wing cuffs

Front view of the cuffs.

18th century linen jacket tabs

Here are the tabs of the linen jacket.

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