1878/ 1882 Braided Hairstyle Tutorial

1870s 1880s Braided Hairstyle Tutorial

This tutorial will show you how to make this late 1870s/ early 1880s braided hairstyle.

1878/ 1882 Braided Hairstyle Tutorial

Part the hair into three sections: the front hair from ear to ear, and two hair sections at the back of the head. Braid each of the last into a braid, and join them in a loop. Hide the ends, and add a hair clip.

1870s braided hairstyle

Use a hair rat (I’ve used brown wool), …

natural form hairstyle

… comb the front hair over it, and secure it with a hair comb.

natural form braided hairstyle

Draw the rest of the hair through the middle between the braids …

1878 braided hairstyle

… and secure it with pins.

1882 braided hairstyle

My inspiration for this natural form hairstyle was this 1878 fashion plate, and this 1882 instructions for a braided hairstyle (Figs. 11 and 12).


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