1877 Natural Form Bodice – Details

1877 Natural Form Bodice - Details

Here are some detail pictures of the cuirass bodice of my ca. 1877 natural form dress.

cuirass bodice

Cuirass bodices were tight-fitting and rather long.

1870s natural form bodice

They usually had a front opening with many tiny buttons, like this 1880s natural form gown with 14 buttons. Here’s an 1880 fashion plate, an early 1880s photograph, and another 1880 fashion plate.

natural form bodice with buttons

It took so long to sew on all those button. 😕 (Especially, as I didn’t feel like sewing on the buttons for about a year. 😉 )

natural form bodice square neckline

That’s the square neckline with the cotton ruffles.

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