1861 Godey’s Braided Coiffure For A Young Lady – Tutorial

1861 Braided Coiffure For A Young Lady - Tutorial

Part your hair into 4 sections: down the middle, and from ear to ear.

braided updo tutorial

Braid each section.

1860s braided hairstyle tutorial

Cross the two braids which are nearer the back of the head, and loop them up.

civil war braided hairstyle tutorial

Secure the braids with hairpins.

godey's braided hairstyle tutorial

Now cross the two front braids under the pinned back braids, and pin them. Hide the ends of the braids.

1860s civil war braided hairstyle

This hairstyle was published in 1861 in Godey’s Lady’s Book. Here‘s a picture of the hairstyle.

Godey's 1860s braided hairstyle

My hair seems a bit too long for the hairstyle as there’s more neck showing than in the drawing, and I’ve pinned the braids as high as I could. Maybe the hairstyle is rather for a young girl with shorter hair.

However, the hairstyle is pretty and comfortable to wear.

braided updo

3 thoughts on “1861 Godey’s Braided Coiffure For A Young Lady – Tutorial

  1. Is there a specific name for this hairstyle? (I know Godey calls it “braided coiffure for a young lady”, but that isn’t specific.) I want to look up examples of this specific hairstyle, or rather a very similar one, but I have no idea what it would be called.

    1. I don’t think there’s a specific name for the hairstyle. Milkmaid braids look similar. Or you could search for “Godey’s hairstyle” or “Victorian braided hairstyle”. 🙂

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