1850s Hairstyle For Day Or Evening

1850s hairstyle, curls, day cap

In the 1840s to 1850s, a lady would often twist her hair into a bun, while the front section of hair was sometimes curled (‘spaniel curls‘). This hairstyle could be worn during the day (here the ringlets can be seen under the bonnet of the visiting lady on the right) or as ball hairstyle. Here are three more photographs of ladies wearing this hairstyle during the day (1840s, 1840-50s).

To make the hairstyle I’ve curled the front part of my hair using a period appropriate curling method (on youtube you’ll find many videos about making ‘rag curls’). I’ve separated two strands on each side and wrapped my freshly washed, dry hair around strips of cotton fabric.  Some hours later, my hair had these beautiful ringlets.

The curls lasted for many days – even in damp weather. These curls are the long-lasting curls I’ve ever had –  regardless of whether heat or no-heat curls!

I’ve added a lace cap to accomplish this hairstyle – suitable for 1850s day wear.

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