1840s Boned Corset

victorian corset

This is the first corset I’ve sewn a long time ago: a boned 1840s corset. I didn’t use any pattern; I’ve just used pictures as reference. I based it on antique 1830s and 1840s corsets, such as this 1830s corset, this 1840s corset and this 1840s corset – all at the MET museum. And here’s a 1846 fashion plate of a corset.

As you can see, 1830s and 1840s corsets didn’t have a front-opening busk. They were reinforced at the center front with a wooden busk. And the shape of the corsets was rather angular.

My 1840s corset has some flaws. But for a first corset it isn’t too bad and it actually fits. 😉 It’s made from one layer of cotton twill and is heavily boned with German plastic boning which makes it so stiff that it can stand on its own! I’m not holding the corset, and there’s no cushion inside. 😉 German plastic boning is really stiff – not like other plastic boning – it’s rather like whalebone.

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