15+ Ways To Use Up Leftover Egg Whites Or Egg Yolks

15+ Ways To Use Up Leftover Egg Whites Or Egg Yolks

Have you been making meringue or angel food cake? And have lots of egg yolks left over? Or have you been making homemade ice cream or creamy pudding with egg yolks? And are looking for recipes with leftover egg whites? Then you’ve come to the right place. 😉 Below you’ll find more than 15 easy, delicious dessert recipes with leftover egg whites or egg yolks.



Leftover Egg Whites

Chocolate Glazed Almond Horns
Chocolate Glazed Almond Horns
Victorian Lemon Sponge Recipe - Historical Food Fortnightly
Lemon Sponge
Spanische windtorte, meringue, whipped cream and strawberries
Spanische Windtorte
Boston Cream Pie Recipe
Boston Cream Pie
Blue Macarons With Natural Blue Food Coloring
Blue Macarons With Natural Blue Food Coloring
Rose Scented Cake Recipe
White Cake
Old Fashioned Strawberry Custard Pie Recipe
Meringue Topping For Pies
Homemade Dairy-Free Whipped Cream Subsitutes: Marshmallow Fluff
Dairy-Free Whipped Cream Subsitutes: Homemade Marshmallow Fluff
Angel Food Cake Recipe With Fruits
Angel Food Cake




Leftover Egg Yolks

Dairy-Free Vanilla Ice Cream
Dairy-Free Vanilla Ice Cream
Victorian Salzburger Nockerl And Kaiserschmarren Recipe - Historical Food Fortnightly
Victorian Salzburger Nockerl (Choux Pastry Dumplings With Custard Sauce)
Homemade Dairy-Free Egg Liqueur
Homemade Dairy-Free Egg Liqueur
Hidden Easter Bunny Cake Dairy-Free
Hidden Bunny Egg Liqueur Cake
Victorian Bran Egg Shampoo For Thick, Soft And Glossy Hair
Homemade Natural Bran & Egg Shampoo
Blue Pudding With Natural Food Coloring
Add 2 or more egg yolks to Pudding
Rose Petal Ice Cream
Dairy-Free Rose Ice Cream With Fresh Rose Petals
Homemade Dairy-Free Cream Subsitute
Dairy-Free Milk Or Cream Substitutes For Tea And Coffee
Old-Fashioned Gold Cake With Egg Yolks
Gold Cake


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20 thoughts on “15+ Ways To Use Up Leftover Egg Whites Or Egg Yolks

  1. I remember that yummy diary free ice cream recipe Lina, and now you’ve served up a whole bunch more to tantalize the taste buds. Hope I’ve got enough eggs 😉

  2. What a great collection of ways to use the leftover Egg Whites and Yolks! Thanks so much for sharing with us at Full Plate Thursday. Hope you have a great week and come back to see us real soon!
    Miz Helen

  3. Such a lovely collection, I tend to avoid making things that only use part of an egg! i do make meringues at Christmas and then use the yolks in a sweet rich pastry but now I have loads more options – thanks

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