Victorian Working Woman Black Wool Stays

Victorian Working Woman Black Wool Stays

Victorian working women often wore black wool stays instead of corsets. A while ago, I sewed black wool stays for a Victorian working woman outfit but I didn’t like the shape of the stays anymore.

working stays
Handsewn Victorian mint green sunbonnet

So I changed the neckline of the stays: Here you can see how the stays looked before. Now the stays fit better.

victorian stays corset

Here are antique paintings of similar black wool stays: Victorian black wool stays, black stays with spiral lacing and back view of black stays.

victorian working women's corset

My stays are made from one layer of black wool or wool-blend fabric from my stash. The stays are unboned, but the thick fabric gives enough support.

close up of corset eyelets with lacing needle
Handsewn eyelets and corset lacing needle

The eyelets are handsewn. And I made a DIY corset lacing needle with silver wire.

victorian sunbonnet
Linen skirt over cotton petticoats

Here you’ll find my pinterest board with paintings and pictures of Victorian and Edwardian working women.

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