Vegan Cream Cheese/ Queso Fresco Alternative

Vegan Cream Cheese/ Queso Fresco Alternative

Today I’m sharing with you an easy vegan nut-free and tofu-free cream cheese alternative made with just one ingredient! I’ve searched a long time for a vegan cream cheese or queso fresco alternative that actually tastes good; and which I can use raw for dips or ice cream and for baking. Because it has a neutral flavor it can be used for sweet as well as savory recipes! Yay! 😀 The vegan substitute – homemade tofu – made with boiled soy milk which is curdled with lemon juice is alright, but this one is even better I think. You can use it to substititute quark, curd, ricotta, cream cheese, queso fresco, cottage cheese, farmer’s cheese in non-vegan recipes and tofu in vegan recipes – if you hate the texture and taste of tofu.


  • homemade or store-bought soy yogurt

You’ll need about 400g soy yoghurt to make 200g vegan cream cheese substitute.

homemade vegan cream cheese queso fresco alternative substitute

Put a sieve on top of a bowl. Line the sieve with muslin or cheesecloth, and scoop the soy yogurt into the sieve.

vegan cottage cheese fresh cheese vegan quark recipe

Fold the fabric over the soy yogurt and weigh it down with a bowl of water.

vegan nut-free tofu-free cream cheese

Let it drain overnight in the fridge. In the morning, there’ll be a lot of whey in the bowl.

vegan cream cheese vegan farmer cheese vegan queso fresco queso blanco recipe

And in the cheesecloth is your homemade vegan fresh cheese.

vegan ricotta diy candied citrus peel cassata italiana

Use it for German cheesecake to substitute quark cheese, or for cassata siciliana to substitute ricotta cheese. Or add spices and spread it on bread, or eat it as vegan queso blanco dip with potatoes. There are endless uses for this homemade vegan cream cheese! 😀 I used it to make cassata with DIY candied lemon and orange peel. – In the background you see the melting DIY ice luminary which now looks like an ice crown! – I also used the vegan cream cheese substitute to make vegan vanilla filling for my carrot patch cupcakes.

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