Upcycled Skirt And Shirt

Upcycled Skirt And Shirt

I’ve upcycled an old jeans skirt and a boring jersey top.

upcycled jeans skirt

The skirt was an ugly, old, calf-length jeans skirt before, with countless, ugly, purple plastic buttons down the front.

upcycling an old skirt

I’ve shortened the skirt: now it’s knee-length. I’ve also turned the skirt into a wrap skirt, and added a leftover turquoise strip of fabric as belt.

upcycled skirt with metal chain

I’ve added metal chains on one side of the skirt …

upcycled skirt with flower applique

… and a pocket and flower applique on the other side of the skirt.

jeans skirt, turquoise flower applique, pocket, d-ring for key

I’ve also added a D-ring for the keys.

turquoise flower applique with fabric strips

For the flower appliques I’ve used the same turquoise fabric as for the belt.

rustic fabric strip applique, frayed edge applique

It’s a rustic applique with frayed edges. I’ve stitched down the turquoise fabric strips with zigzag stitches and green sewing thread.

upcycling boring top

I’ve also upcycled the jersey top: It was a boring, plain white top before.

upcycled striped top with old leggings

So I’ve used an old, holey, navy leggings, cut strips of fabric, turned the edges under, and stitched the stripes down with zigzag stitches.

jersey stripe applique

Now I really like the upcycled skirt and top! 😀


Here I’ve printed another boring white halter-neck top with blue stripes.

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