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How To Sew Scallops By Hand – Quick & Easy Hand Shell Edge

A vintage sewing hack how to sew perfect scallops quick and easy by hand! Embellish your dresses and blouses with a perfect scalloped hem.

How To Sew Scalloped Edge By Hand

Scalloped edges were very popular in the Victorian and Edwardian era: dresses, blouses, petticoats, chemises and nightgowns – all were trimmed with hand-stitched scallops. Continue reading How To Sew Scallops By Hand – Quick & Easy Hand Shell Edge

18th Century Linen Stays

18th Century Linen Stays

These 18th century linen stays were an impromptu sewing project! After seeing modern versions of 18th century stays worn as top on instagram, and since I had linen fabric scraps in my stash, I spontaneously decided to make 18th century linen stays!

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So on the same day I searched for antique 18th century stays for inspiration. And I made the pattern in the night! 😀 This is one of my quickest historical sewing projects so far: Usually the research takes much longer. But the 18th century isn’t my favorite historical era, so I don’t mind if these stays aren’t 100% historically accurate! 😉 Continue reading 18th Century Linen Stays

Edwardian Green Artificial Silk Lingerie – Petticoat & Camisole

Edwardian Green Artificial Silk Lingerie

I’m sewing an Edwardian lingerie dress with lightweight cotton fabric and lace inserts. And because the dress is very sheer, I made this lingerie set to go under. I used artificial silk made from natural fibers which is historically accurate because artificial silk underwear was already made in the Edwardian era. Artificial silk lingerie was used to replace expensive silk lingerie. Continue reading Edwardian Green Artificial Silk Lingerie – Petticoat & Camisole

Edwardian Chemise With Crochet Lace Yoke

Edwardian Chemise With Crochet Lace Yoke

‘This is a comfortable kind of gown, requiring little time to make, […] serviceable […] with sleeves’. (Clothing For Women: Selection, Design, Construction, 1916)

I always wanted to have an Edwardian chemise with crochet lace yoke. But to save time I didn’t crochet this yoke from scratch. Instead I used leftover pieces of a crochet tablecloth-to-skirt refashion to make this yoke! Continue reading Edwardian Chemise With Crochet Lace Yoke

Edwardian Health Corset – “Good Sense” Corset Waist

Edwardian Health Corset - "Good Sense" Corset Waist

‘For those who are convinced of the harmfulness of the corset, a variety of articles called corset-waists are made.’ (Beauty: Its Attainment And Preservation, 1896)

In the late Victorian and Edwardian era, some women preferred to wear a health corset. Health corsets had a button closure at the center front instead of the typical steel corset busk, had shoulder straps and were made of white or blue jean (a strong, durable twill-weave cotton fabric similar to denim fabric). They also were either unboned and stiffened with cord, or just lightly boned – and some even had elastic insets at the front and sides! Continue reading Edwardian Health Corset – “Good Sense” Corset Waist

How To Clean A Corset

How To Clean A Corset

How To Clean A Corset

‘Give your corset air and sunshine if you want it sweet and odorless. You should not expect the best results from your corset without a second one to wear alternately. Any corset needs a rest; two corsets worn alternately will give more satisfaction and service than the same two corsets, each worn continuously until they are worn out, just as two or three pairs of shoes last longer when worn alternately. Continue reading How To Clean A Corset

History Of Lingerie – Victorian, Edwardian & 1920s

If you’ve ever wondered what underthings Victorian ladies and 1920s flappers wore, you’ve come to the right place. Find out more about the history of lingerie!

History Of Lingerie - Victorian, Edwardian & 1920s

What kind of underwear did Edwardian ladies, Victorian working class women and 1920s flappers wear? Although the terms didn’t change much between the Victorian era and the 1920s, the look of the lingerie changed dramatically. While Victorian women wore a chemise next to their skin, 1920s women wore a teddy instead. But even if the terms are different, the function was the same: to protect the body from the corset and vice versa. Yes, contrary to popular belief, 1920s women still wore corsets!

In general, Victorian women wore the most underwear, especially before the invention of the crinoline – while 1920s flapper preferred to wear only the bare necessities. Victorian women wore a chemise, drawers, corset, corset cover, and many petticoats. 1920s women, on the contrary, often wore only two pieces of lingerie: a teddy and slip.

Underwear might seem less important than the dress but the right underwear provides the foundation and right silhouette for the dress. Continue reading History Of Lingerie – Victorian, Edwardian & 1920s